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Friday, March 21, 2008

Another name to watch: Javier Solano

Left-hander Javier Solano, considered the best pitching prospect in Mexico when the Dodgers signed him for $250,000 earlier in the year, is living up to expectations. Watson said he's thrown "exceptionally well" and is "very advanced" for a 17-year-old, with an above-average fastball and curveball.

This is a larger bonus than Pedro Baez, who was considered the Dodgers' best 2007 international signing, received. Considering how aggressively the Dodgers moved Baez, I wouldn't be surprised to see Solano make his pro debut with the GCL Dodgers this summer.


  • At 10:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Being that from the reports I have read, that he is a bit on the short side (5'10") do you see the Dodgers letting him try starting in the GCL or go straight to relief?

  • At 3:37 PM , Blogger Jared said...

    I think Solano has way too much talent to begin his career in the pen. His fastball and curve are supposedly above average pitches, so unless his changeup is unusable, he has enough of a repertoire to be a starter.

    And it should be noted that he's actually right-handed, not left-handed as Ken Gurnick referred to him in the article I quoted.

  • At 7:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey this is my first time posting on this blog but i love everything involving dodger prospects

    i heard he might actually start in low A. is there any truth to that? i mean how long can a plus mid 90s FB stay in GCL? also he is supposed to have a nice slider

    also anyone know where to get minor league ST updates?


  • At 12:25 PM , Blogger Jared said...

    It's possible that Solano begins the year at Low A, as DeJon Watson has said he's "very advanced" for a 17 year old.

    It's very difficult to get updates on minor league camp, as I've only seen one article on the Dodgers' official site.


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