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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some notes on tonight's game

-I'm really happy that the Dodgers are making Clayton throw more changeups. I noticed a few times that he slowed his arm down to throw it, so he still has some work to do.

-Move over James McDonald, there's a new "skinniest ballplayer" in town. I thought Baseball America shortchanged Devaris Gordon by listing him as being 150 I think they weighed him soaking wet with his cleats on. The good news is he should be able to add some muscle to his frame and possibly develop a little power. He also is deceptively fast, with long strides.

-Kyle Russell needs to shorten up. I think he's still swinging.

-Clay Calfee is another big, skinny dude. He was shorter to the ball than Russell but he looked completely lost at the plate. Probably just overly excited about getting an AB with the big club.


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