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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dodgers sign Jamey Carroll

The Dodgers have signed utilityman Jamey Carroll to a 2 year deal worth $4 million, according to ESPN. Carroll, who will be 36 in February, batted .276 in 93 games for the Indians last season.

I don't really understand this signing from a financial standpoint. If Carroll is replacing Mark Loretta, then why pay him twice as much to do the same thing? Why not give an NRI a shot or let a minor leaguer like Chin Lung Hu take the utility infielder role for a fraction of the cost?

Only a day after the Dodgers save millions by shipping Pierre's contract to the White Sox, they throw $4 million away on a bench player.


  • At 7:19 PM , Blogger Nick E. said...

    I think the Carroll signing is example (A) that the Dodgers aren't convinced that Blake DeWitt is the answer at second base. Joe Torre likes him and his approach to the game but there are questions about how he will translate defensively at second base and his bat was silent last season. Example (B) is the fact that the Dodgers are reportedly interested in also signing Felipe Lopez and Ronnie Belliard on one-year deals.

  • At 12:35 PM , Blogger Emperor361 said...

    Just checking in again as we wait for pitchers and catchers to report.

    For nearly the first time, I disagree with you. Carroll will likely play against most or all lefties, may play every day if DeWitt can't handle the position, provides excellent, predictable OBP, and can play 5 positions to cover for any injuries, which may let the Dodgers carry an extra pitcher. I really like the Carroll signing.

  • At 3:06 PM , Blogger Jared said...

    Were the Dodgers unsure about DeWitt's ability to handle 2B, then I wouldn't be averse to bringing someone in on a 1 year contract to try to provide a stopgap for IDJ2 or someone else. I just don't understand signing a 36 year old utilityman for 2 years.

    Carroll has been steady as far as defense and OBP go, but at his age and given the other options, I wouldn't have signed him for 2 years at $2 million per. The Dodgers shouldn't be pinching pennies, but they don't seem to have a surplus of payroll room. And I don't see him playing 5 positions. He seems to be mainly a 2B/3B at this point in his career. He hasn't played shortstop since 2007 and has 13 games in the outfield under his belt.


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